Haiti Earthquake update

Thankfully the epicentre of the recent earthquake in Haiti was a long way away from La Gonave, the area we work in. There is minimal damage to our project buildings and all our people are safe and well.

Haiti is such a poor country there are just not enough resources to help everyone in the affected area.  There are thousands dead and hundreds of thousands injured! Rescue work has been hampered by torrential rain from Storm Grace which hit Haiti 2 days after the quake. Many injured are waiting to be treated in the open air or in tents.

We have sent money (£2300) to a Hatian medical team who are already on site, there is a huge ongoing need to fund medical supplies and to transport the injured to hospitals away from the quake area.  The money we sent is a drop in the ocean, please donate if you can. 

Remember we are a volunteer run charity and 100% of the money donated will go directly to the medical team. 

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