What happens to my sponsored child if I lose my job and have to stop paying?

You are free to reduce or cancel your monthly payment at any time, you do not need to give us a reason. We keep a reserve of funds so that we never have to reduce the payment to the orphanage and would use this until we found a new donor.

If I contribute less than £30 a month will my payments go to the same child every month?

The money does not go to individual children, it is pooled and used for the benefit of all the children.

If I sponsor a child does this mean that one child will be better off than other children in the orphanage?

No. All the children benefit equally from the sponsorship money. The money goes to Mme Soliette the manager of the orphanage who uses it to run the children’s home. If we can get all the children sponsored then the standard of living in the whole orphanage will be lifted to an acceptable level.

Does it cost exactly £30 to keep a child for a month?

Not exactly, at the moment it costs approx $40 US to provide a very basic standard of living. This gives an exchange of around £28.50 at time of writing. The extra few pounds each month are left to accumulate and we send extra payments when there is a special need e.g. we sent an extra $1000 last October to buy school books and equipment at the beginning of their school year.

Can I write, or send a gift?

The children do not speak or read English and there is no postal service to the island of LaGonave where the orphanage is situated so it is not practical to write or post things to the children. When we visit we are limited by our baggage allowance but last year we took one suitcase full clothes and also took some toys in another case.

How do I know if my money is making a difference?

 Every penny you donate goes to improving the lives of these children. Even with our current level of donations the children do not enjoy a good standard of living. They get basic food and a bare minimum of education. Eventually, through working with Okipe, we hope to find enough donors to raise their living standard to a level that would be acceptable in the developed world.

How can I find out more about the children?

If you visit www.okipe.org there is a section which introduces each child currently resident in the children’s home.

What is OKIPE?

Okipe ( means “to care for” in Creole), is a co-operative of small charities including Haiti Help, it was formed specifically to help this children’s home develop and expand. Okipe has an ambitious remit to eventually provide good quality accommodation, care and education for 150 children by building a “Children’s Village” on the island of LaGonave. You can follow the progress of the project on the Okipe website, www.okipe.org

If I donate £10 a month, how much of this is actually sent over to the children’s home?

All of it. All the money donated for specific purposes e.g. sponsor money for the children or money we are asked to allocate to the elderly in the “Poor House” is used for the designated purpose. The general running costs of Haiti Help are met from the fundraising events we hold throughout the year. Please see what’s on in our “Events” section if you would like to help. We are very grateful for all the help we can get with fundraising.

Do you get paid for working for the charity?

No, we don’t get paid by the charity, we are able to claim back “out of pocket” expenses but in reality we tend to do this only for larger expenses.

Who pays for your visit to Haiti?

We use 2 weeks of our annual leave from work and pay for our own fares. None of the money donated to Haiti Help is used to pay for our trip.

How do you raise funds for Haiti Help?

See the “Events” section for our up and coming fundraising efforts. We are always looking for new ways to raise funds. If you can offer to help us we would be very grateful. If you would like to help but don’t know how here are some ideas: Raffle Prizes – We are always on the lookout for raffle prizes. We’ll happily accept any unwanted gifts you have lying around. If your business would like to make a donation we would be very happy to accept it. Galas Dances and Fetes – we would welcome the chance to have a stall at your event. We can bring along lots of pictures to display and if appropriate we would have a raffle or tombola to raise funds and raise awareness of Haiti Help. Celebration Giving – if you have a significant birthday or anniversary coming up but don’t want people to buy gifts, you could ask for donations instead. We can give you a photo display if required and we would be happy to attend your event to accept any donation. Sponsored events – if you need a spur to get organised to do that walk/parachute jump/cycle make a date and ask your friends to sponsor you. We are happy to organise sponsor sheets etc, just get in touch.

How can I find out more?

If you run a group we will happily come along to one of your meetings. We have a power point presentation and talk. Contact us to arrange a date and time.