Jean Rony Toussaint is the president and driving force behind ASHOG. He is principle of a primary school and a church pastor. We liaise closely with him.

Through ASHOG we partly sponsor 1 child in the ASHOG Children’s home. Berkendy is a lively and likable young lad, we have met him several times on our trips to La Gonave. Currently we have sponsorshp for him for £65 monthly but it takes around £200 a month to completely provide for all the needs of each child in the home. If you would like to help sponsor Berkendy, let us know.


ASHOG organises an Elderly and Disabled Food Program. Many of the people attending the program rely entirely on charity as there is absolutely no state aid in Haiti. They receive a bag of food, it contains enough rice, beans, pasta and cooking oil to feed them for around a week. Haiti Help currently sends £90 a month to help with this programme but we would love to be able to send more.

Through ASHOG, Haiti Help supports the George family. Mum has sadly passed away, Dad is blind and this makes it extremely difficult for him to earn money. There are 3 young children who would probably end up in an orphanage if there was no support to keep the family together in the communnity. Currently we have support of £55 monthly for them which is just enough for basic food. With more money we could help improve their living conditions and send the children to school.

George children