Empowering La Gonave, One Donation at a Time

Haiti Help is a small, volunteer-run charity based in Central Fife. Founded in 2009 by three nurses, we dedicate 100% of donations to improving lives on La Gonave, an island with a population of 120,000 to 150,000 people facing severe poverty and malnutrition. Support our cause and help us to sustain our commitments.

Our Mission

We partner with three local organizations to ensure every penny makes a difference:

Wesleyen Hospital

The only permanent medical facility on La Gonave, providing 24/7 emergency care, inpatient services, maternity and newborn care, and surgeries. We contribute to the hospital’s indigent fund, helping 90-100 people annually access critical medical care.

OKIPE Children’s Village

Established in 2011, the village houses up to 80 children and educates 300. Haiti Help was inspired by meeting Mme Soliette and her dedication to caring for street children. Our ongoing support ensures the children receive education and healthy meals.


A self-help group led by Pastor Jean Rony Toussaint, ASHOG runs schools, community gardens, and welfare programs. We fund teachers, support families, and contribute to the Elderly and Disabled Food Programme.

How You Can Help

We need to raise £2000 each month to sustain our commitments. Your donation can make a significant impact:

  • £5 buys a meal for a family
  • £10 supplies lifesaving antibiotics
  • £15 buys a hen for egg production
  • £25 sends a child to school for a month
  • £50 feeds a family for a fortnight

Donate Now

We dedicate 100% of donations to improving lives in Haiti.

Donate via Haiti Help’s People’s Fundraising page.

Thank you for helping us bring hope and support to La Gonave.