In 2009, 3 nurses from Fife , Carole Hatten, Elaine Stark and Lou Davidson volunteered to go to the island of La Gonave in Haiti to help immunise children.

Although they were expecting to see poverty, the nurses were shocked at the severely deprived conditions they encountered, particularly in the local Children’s Home.
They formed Haiti Help to raise enough money to make a difference. In 2013 the Children’s home moved to brand new, purpose built accommodation. Haiti Help works in conjunction with a co-operative of other charities and American non-profits. The co-operative is called Okipe. Okipe provides on going support for Mme. Soliette the director of the Children’s Village. Haiti Help works with the local hospital to fund basic medical care, and works closely with a local self help group ASHOG to help finance their programmes. There is more information in the Projects pages if you would like to read in more depth about our work in La Gonave.